Inadequate medical care

We have collected testimonials which allege that pregnant women are receiving insufficient pre-natal care, if any.

There is also a severely disabled boy who had no access to psychological support, medical care, or clean clothes. 

You will also hear from the father of 2-year-old child with Down’s Syndrome describing how a medical note recommending the child for immediate transferral to Athens was confiscated in mid-April by personnel inside the camp. The child is allegedly awaiting a heart operation.

Finally, we have collected testimonial from volunteer medical staff on the island that a baby possibly suffering from bronchitis has not received treatment since arriving on the island on April 19th.

Videos: through a translator, a father discusses his son’s heart problem, and the loss of the medical papers recommending transferral to Athens.

Videos: the father of a severely disable boy discusses his condition, and the lack of access to psychological or physical support.

Video: a medically-qualified volunteer discusses a possible case of infant bronchitis.

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