Lack of adequate clothing supply

We have collected testimonials describing refugees being forced by smugglers to dispose of their possessions before boarding a boat to Chios. It is important to remember that often, refugees arrive on the island with only a small backpack, or no possessions at all.

We have collected photographic evidence of refugees wearing severely damaged and unclean clothes, and testimonial evidence of refugees, including children, having worn the same clothes for a month or more at a time.

We have collected photographic, video and testimonial evidence of refugees manufacturing their own clothes, from blue blankets distributed by the NGO ‘Samaritan’s Purse’. We have collected similar evidence that refugees have been manufacturing shoes from pieces of camping mats.

Video: a refugee discusses how others have been making clothes from blankets.


Photo: refugee children wear severely damaged trainers.


Photo: a refugee child has cut away the front of their shoes, in order to fit.



Photo: refugees wear damaged clothes.


Photo: a refugee wears a dress made from a blanket.


Photo: a refugee wears a shawl made from a blanket.


Photo: a young refugee wears trousers made from blankets.


made in vial no watermark

Photo: shoes made from camping mats in Vial (credit Mike Freigeist/You Color The World)


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