Food for the refugees in the Vial centre is provided by a private company contracted by the Hellenic Army, and is not the responsibility of the FRS. The Chios municipality has confirmed that the food provided is pre-packaged, and frozen for 7 days before service.

We have collected multiple testimonials confirming that the food provided is of poor quality, and nutritionally insufficient.

We have collected testimonials and photographic evidence to support the allegation that babies are being provided with an insufficient amount of formula milk. These include the babies of mothers who were unable to give milk due to malnutrition, and single fathers. These claims were taken up by the Guardian, the  Huffington Post and the New York Times.

From the video and testimonial evidence we have seen, the food served is primarily potatoes with a small amount of tomato sauce, and bread.

We have collected video evidence of a maggot inside a portion of food provided to a refugee in Vial.

We have collected photographic evidence of a protest by the refugees against the quality of food being provided to them.

Babies are being given approximately 1/5 of the nutrition they require. There is no hot water in which to dissolve the milk powder, so it is indigestible for many babies. Parents describe feeding babies under 6 months old bread mixed with water.

Video: A girl complains of ‘insects’ in the food. 


Video: a girl describes being served potatoes ‘every day for one week’, and describes being given only water and bread for one day (April 21st).

Video: a maggot moving on the edge of a foil tin of potatoes provided to refugees.


Video: a maggot wriggles across the palm of a refugee, out of a portion of potatoes. 


Photo: refugees in Vial lay their food on the ground in protest.


Video: a man discusses the problem of infant nutrition in the centre.


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